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I'm Lexie, a former Therapist turned Astrologer, Spiritual Awakening Teacher & Speaker. I love helping women learn who they are, what their purpose is, and how they attract abundance into their life based on their birth chart!


I’m Lexie a former Therapist turned Energy + Boundaries Coach & Speaker. I love helping women protect their energy & heal from toxic relationships, MLM's, and emotional abuse according to their astrological birth chart.

Scroll down below to learn a bit more about what I do and the unique approach I take to help my clients heal and protect their energy!

Have you ever wondered what you're here for?

I know I have! I used to always question my purpose.

I knew I wasn't here to just go to school, get a degree, become a therapist, work 9-5 (or really 9-7, let's be honest....)

Then come home and watch marathons of the Office. 

I knew I wasn't meant for something more...

And I believe; so are you....


It's no coincidence you're here...

You're made up of the same stuff as the stars - which makes me believe that you're here to do something magical and important! 

But do you sometimes wonder what that is?

Do you sometimes wonder...

  • How do I find my "flow" in my business and my life - so things feel "easy" for me?
  • What is my purpose? What career should I be doing?
  • How do I make money doing my purpose so I can be free to live life on my own terms?
  • How can I find love and feel less alone? 
  • Why do I feel so misunderstood and unwanted?
  • And why aren't any of the spiritual tools I've tried - working? Why do I still feel like something is missing?


If you answered yes to more than one question above...


then I'm here to help you uncover who you really are by interpreting your birth chart!

As your personal astrologer & spiritual teacher; I can help you:

- Uncover your purpose and help you get clear on the lessons you're here to learn in this life

- Feel allowed to listen to your intuition and know when it's speaking to you...

- Find your unique "flow" helping you to attract abundance and opportunities to you with ease

- Help you understand your unique blueprint on understanding who YOU are and what makes you - well; you!

You deserve to know who you are!


And you deserve to live how YOU want to live! 
You're here to follow your Truth North. 

You're not here to just do what your parents wanted you to do and struggle with your childhood memories and pains. 

And you're certainly not here just to do what society wants you to do. 

YOU are the entire galaxy trying to express itself in it's own unique way - so let's uncover that so you can finally find your flow and turn your life into what you really feel it should look like!

Kelly Espino

"I had the most phenomenal birth chart reading session with Lexie.
And I don’t even use that word but it feels so right.
Lexie really helped me understand myself on a deeper and more profound level. This session was eye opening, expansive, validating, confirming and extremely empowering.
It also guided me towards what to start working on in regards to my healing journey.
Not to mention Lexie provided a VALUE PACKED PDF with important aspects of my birth chart and journal prompt questions that I can refer back to at anytime!!!
I seriously was blown away with how full bodied this service is! Lexie does an excellent job in creating a safe and powerful space.
I felt so incredibly supported, seen, heard, and understood by Lexie.
It's a week later and I am still glowing and vibrating high from this powerful session!
I recommend this session to ANYONE! If you are feeling called to it RUN to it!
You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!!!
Thank you sooo much Lexie!!!"

Elvira Cabreja


"Working with you has helped me get to know myself better, better than I could have imagined. Before my birth chart reading, I was just going with the flow not really knowing how to be intentional with my being. After my reading, I feel I know myself so much better that now I can be intentional with the actions I make and life can truly be easy. (my birth chart has confirmed it).

The most helpful part of our time together was the intuitive advice on how to use the information in my birth chart to help me get to know myself better, create the future that I desire (but fear/doubt that I can't have), be a better human being, and own my greatness!



"I feel seen, validated, heard. I feel supported! I have learned so much about how to break my own harmful patterns and how to navigate my relationships in a healthier way. One specific problem I am solving through coaching is how to communicate with myself and others.

The most helpful part of our time together was the Voxer conversations where we worked through things that came up for me. I didn’t have to wait (and probably forget!) about really important or interesting things that were occurring in real time. It gave me a place to go immediately."

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